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50 Insane Facts About Ireland

By | source: Sep 16th, 2013

Like many old nations, Ireland has certain stereotypes or images that automatically come to mind when thinking or talking about the country. Contrary to popular depictions of Ireland, the Emerald Isle does consist of more than just potatoes, corned beef and pots of gold; it does in fact have quite a rich history and may play a larger part in your own culture than you realize.

Today’s infographic gives us a list of interesting facts about Ireland, from it’s natural beauty and heritage to its various industries and cuisine. For example, seventy million people claim some level of Irish ancestry today, including (but not limited to) our current U.S. president. Also, contrary to the tales which depict Saint Patrick (real name: Maewyn Succat, supposedly) ridding Ireland of snakes, Ireland does not now nor has it ever had a wild snake population. Many think of Ireland as the #1 beer consumer in the world, and while they’re not too far off (they’re actually #4), the beverage that the Irish actually can boast to drinking the most of is tea.

For more info on the Emerald Isle have a look at the graphic below, and have a great day! [Via]