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5 Types of Extreme Hoarders

By | source: May 9th, 2014

Hoarders are no laughing matter. Being labeled as a Hoarder can cause extreme pain and embarrassment. The worst hoarders are afraid to invite people into their homes, and sometimes canâ??t even enter a room because it is so packed with objects.

No one makes the choice to become a hoarder; it is a slow accumulation that can be onset by a variety of factors. Often times a tendency to hoard is caused by depression, anxiety and generally high levels of perfectionism. People who hoard also appear to have difficulties processing information and could potentially have ADHD. Hoarders have a knack for attaching human like quality to their objects. Hoarder feel safer when around their hoard and in turn they literally grieve the loss of any object. People who hoard often hold beliefs about the necessity of not wasting objects or losing opportunities that are represented by objects.

Hoarding is a habit that can potentially be as destructive as an addiction. Although hoarding is not an addiction like drugs, the compulsive behaviors that can be caused hoarding is related to addiction. There are no medicines that can cure hoarding or coax the hoarder out of the habit, the only successful treatment is family support and perhaps therapy.

Any hoarders can take the first steps of gaining their life back through hiding all of their object in a storage unit. This provides having the comfort of knowing they still own 5,000 rubber ducks, but potentially being able to realize that there is no need for them in the near future.