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5 Challenges to Awaken Your Creativity

By | Aug 18th, 2016

Here are some tips for when you’re suffering from writer’s (or painter’s or designer’s) block, or for when you just feel you need more creativity in your life.

Children, being relative newcomers to the world, have fewer assumptions about it than jaded, experienced adults. This is certainly partly responsible for the wacky creativity observed in kids, but it’s worth noting that they are also encouraged to be creative. When was the last time someone handed you some printer paper and crayons and said that you should draw for a while? When was the last time someone bequeathed to you the box that the new fridge came in?

Now that you’re a grown up, no one is going to do that kind of stuff for you. It’s up to you to make time for nurturing your creativity, and it’s not easy. But never fear, this infographic is here to help you out with simple suggestions that you can devote as much or as little time to as you like.

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