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5 Careers That Pay The Most In The World

By | source:Bethel College Dec 19th, 2018

While a high salary might not be the key to overall employment happiness, it sure helps reduce anxiety when the bills come.

How important is salary? Very important. When looking for a job, 67 percent of employment seekers say that pay is the most important factor, according to Glassdoor. Salary even beat out trust and work place culture to grab the top spot.

If you are one of those people looking to get paid well, a career in medicine or technology is your best bet.

These jobs are in the most demand and require a great deal of education, going beyond a bachelor’s degree, which pushes the average pay scale to six figures.

The top jobs on the list are likely to provide high pay for many years. The first reason is that healthcare is needed as a large population of baby boomers reach retirement age. Second, our world revolves around technology and business efficiency is dependent on it.

Finally, jobs like judges snf executives are unlikely to be automated because they require human empathy, analysis, sound communication, and judgment. These soft skills along with technical expertise ensure their future and increase their necessity.

Because of the required education to nab one of the top spots, it’s unlikely you can make a mid-career switch with ease, but it might be worthwhile in the end. And if you’re young, what’s stopping you? Work hard and stay focused and you’ll be on your way to the top of the pay scale.