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49 Decadent Chocolates Around The World

By | source:Here Aug 6th, 2020

One food that almost everyone enjoys indulging in is sweet, delicious chocolate. So, it’s no wonder that countries all around the world have their own twist on it.

Today’s infographic takes the audience on a trip on a ‘cocoa caravan’ and looks at 49 of the most mouthwatering ways countries all around the world enjoy chocolate. Included are illustrations, country of origin, and a short description of each chocolate treat. Everyone seems to loves chocolate, regardless of location, and this infographic is proof.

While surely you are familiar with some of the treats depicted on here, like a simple Hershey’s chocolate bar or a Boston Cream Pie, there are certainly more unfamiliar treats than familiar ones. For instance, have you ever heard of Champorado? If not, allow me to explain. It hails from the Philippines and is a porridge that is made with sticky rice, milk, and chocolate. Simple, yet deliciously effective.

However, the most appealing treat to me on this infographic is the Pain au Chocolat. This dish is from France, and is a sweet roll made with layered dough and filled with dark chocolate. While I’ve never personally had it, it’s definitely the dish I want to try most from the infographic.

Anyways, surely my summarizing isn’t doing these treats justice, so be sure to look through the rest of today’s infographic!