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40 Ways to Stay Creative

By | source: Oct 5th, 2014

Being and staying creative is important in all areas of your work and personal life. Everyone can be creative in any type of job and situation. Creativity comes in all shapes and forms, but sometimes we donâ??t feel inspired or cannot make the right decisions. Well there are things you can do to refuel, recharge, and increase your creativity. This infographic has 40 methods which you can use to stay creative.

There are several methods I already practice, but several others are new. Some of these methods are more involved than others. Like number 38 – eat different cuisine; I always wanted to try Indian food. Some of the methods you can do by yourself, or with someone else. Number 11 – be around creative people, you would definitely need to try. Face to face conversation helps in many parts of your life, not just creativity. Some are a little scary, like number 20 – getting feedback from peers.

Some methods are common sense and easily done. Like number 21 – listening to music, has been a favorite one of mine since high school.  Number 31 – take naps, is very refreshing, but it is too bad it cannot be done at work. Another favorite of mine I do a lot is number 8 – read books. As you read the different ways, which method are you will to try to spark you creativity?

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