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40 Most Notorious Tourist Scams

By | source: Jan 31st, 2015

You may not want to spend the few minutes it takes to read today’s infographic. You may think this graphic is lazy, or of poor quality due to the lack of statistical charts and graphs. You’re not completely wrong on that end, but you are making a poor decision if you pass on the information in this graphic.

I’ve watched plenty of scamming shows, read about travel scams, and have been scammed myself. The tricks listed below seem to have a region where they are more prominent. I can tell you every single one of these rackets have happened in every major city across the world. Fooling tourists is easy. When traveling, I don’t know my way around. I don’t know the ‘safe’ parts of the city. I wouldn’t know a fake police officer from a false beggar. Getting taken advantage of in new places is just too easy.

The saying of ‘better safe than sorry’ applies to travel shams way too well. The one way to combat these scams is to educate yourself. Read this entire infographic. Always be thinking about your surroundings while traveling, who you’re speaking to and who is touching you or your things. I know I may sound paranoid, but I’m also not getting tricked. [via]