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30 Amazing Facts about France

By | source:Here Jul 20th, 2017

Baguettes, croissants, wine, and the Eiffel tower. There is no doubt that I am talking about France, the country of romance and love. From beautiful art and architecture to rich and interesting history, almost every part France has a story to tell. For the majority of people, visiting Paris is on their bucket list, but what if I told you that Paris is only a small portion of what France has to offer.

If you are a wine connoisseur, visit Bordeaux or Champagne region. France is well-known for its amazing wines and other alcoholic drinks like cognac and champagne. You can taste wines for days and still not visit most of the wine cellars. For architecture and history lovers, there are about 40 000 chateaux all over France`s territory. Sure, the most popular ones are in the Paris, but that doesn’t mean that others are not worth the visit.

But I should stop talking and let the infographic speak for itself. You can read some amazing facts about this beautiful country and learn some interesting things. If this doesn’t spark your interest for France, I don’t know what will.