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2016: The Year of the Zettabyte

By | source: Mar 23rd, 2013

Even I hadn’t even heard of a zettabyte before. A term for data storage equal to 1.1 trillion gigabytes? That sounds crazy and absurd. Yet we are closing in of the transfer of a zettabyte of data annually. The future of the internet isn’t slower speeds and less data transfer, it will be more video streaming, phone lines or video calling and mobile streaming.

Programs like Skype and facetime are taking off. People like to look each other in the eye, can you blame them? Telecommunication has a bright future as well with the increase of data transfer. Imagine calling up the customer service line and the representative walking you through the problem side by side. This technology is out there all ready, but most large companies don’t take advantage of it.

Soon internet speeds will be increased across the board. Companies like Google Fiber are brining extremely fast internet speeds for a reasonable price and the other ISPs will have to catch up. [XO Communications]