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15 Delicious Snacks From Countries Around The World

By | source:Here Feb 21st, 2018

When hunger strikes, you have to do what you can to satisfy it. What satisfies hunger more than a snack? Whether it’s an apple or a piece of chocolate, snacks can do wonders for your hungry cravings. Have you wondered what people around the world like to snack on? Here are 15 snacks from various countries that are sure to leave you yearning for something to munch on.

A personal favorite snack of mine? Tamales from Mexico. After living near the Mexican border for 10 years, I was able to indulge in many of the savory snacks. Tamales are a combination of meat, veggies and cheese wrapped in a corn husk. They are a traditional food used to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos (or Day of the Dead). If you haven’t tasted a tamale before, treat yourself to one!

Have you ever flown on a plane and gotten a complementary caramel wafer? These wafers are called Stroopwafels and they come from the Netherlands. They’re similar to a flattened ice cream cone. They’re delicious!

The world is filled with wonderful snacks, and if you’re willing to travel, you may be able to experience them all one day. If you’re curious about other international foods, here’s the world in ice cream. Happy eating!