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100 Years of Change

By | source:MoneyChoice Mar 26th, 2015

If you plopped someone from the early 1900s into our world, they’d surely be confused, intrigued — maybe a little afraid. And the same is true in reverse — send a modern American back in time and they’re likely to encounter a world they don’t even recognize. A hundred years is a long time, after all.

But if you’ve ever wondered how life today compares with life 100 years ago, then this infographic is for you. With interesting information on income, health, home life, fashion news and sports, you can get a solid picture of just how our country changed over the course of a century.

For instance, in 1913, only 2.3% of Americans held bachelor’s degrees; today that number is approaching 30%. Life expectancy has gone up by more than 20 years, while the population has risen by more than 200%.

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