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You’re Paying Too Much for Airfare: Use ExpressVPN To Find The Cheapest Fares

By | source: Jan 28th, 2015

I’ve read a lot about the secret ways to trick the online airfare industry into cheaper tickets, but I’ve never heard of changing my location through a VPN. I’ve always browsed incognito for buying my tickets and made sure I’ve deleted my cookies, but changing my IP address to Norway? I never would have thought it’d work.

Being skeptical, I had to try it out on my own. On Sunday, I flew back from Los Angeles to my home in Austin. (I’ve always loved traveling from Austin to the west coast because you can find cheap fares only a week or two before your trip.) I looked up flights for February 9th on Expedia. United flight 5532 is $163 – then I went on to, Norway’s Expedia. I changed my IP address to a Norwegian location and did the same search. Guess what: United flight 5532, only $155.

Go try it yourself, I’m not kidding. It may only be an eight dollar difference, but imagine for round-trips, or international flights the savings could be in the hundreds. I fly probably six to ten times every year, and I’m not locked down to one airline due to any credit card reward system. This solution of changing my IP address will save me hundreds every year. [ExpressVPN]