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Your Mom Sleeps Naked*

By | source: Jan 29th, 2012

â?¦and so does your dad. * According to a survery conducted by Esquire, 44% of Americans prefer to sleep naked. Are any of you surprised by this? You’d think that more people would like to sleep without the constraint and slight discomfort of clothing.

It seems more than half of people arenâ??t comfortable in this most basic, primal attire (or ratherâ??lack thereof). Another surprise: more people than I thought keep using the same underwear for five to ten years at a time. (ew?)

A strange kind of insight comes from seeing statistics about peopleâ??s personal habits. Actions behind closed doors can enter a whole new arena of weirdness. Some of the statistics for our population may surprise you. Take a look at how America goes to bed! (via)

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