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5 Ways To Make Your Workplace More Productive

By | source:Here Jun 29th, 2018

Most workplaces encourage you to take breaks, but when you are working, you’re supposed to be productive. But what do you do if you can’t focus?

Your workplace environment can be the key to boosting your productivity levels. This is mainly because a lot of offices and workplaces aren’t designed to boost focus and communication, making it more difficult for employees to find their productivity strike.

In fact, workplace design has been shown to increase (or decrease) your work output. Check today’s infographic to see how your office measures up, and pay attention to the five ways to increase productivity!

For example, a Cornell University study found that workers exposed to low noise were more stressed than others exposed to zero noise. There’s a reason to spring for noise-canceling headphones!

Another interesting find? The colors on your walls can have a big impact on your daily performance. If you can convince your employer to paint the walls green or blue, you could find yourself getting more done. If you want to start small, you could get a bright poster with those colors!

Studies are showing that traditional office spaces don’t work well for fostering collaborative, innovative and productive workplaces. Open office spaces that encouraged idea sharing and collaboration make it easier for everyone to enjoy the workday. Make sure you forward today’s infographic to your boss!