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Women Are Dying to be Thin

By | source: Sep 9th, 2012

Well hey yâ??all. Rachel hereâ??you will be seeing my posts once a week while Diego is busy working for the Man. I am so excited to be doing this, so thank you for allowing me to be a part of your community! For my first post EVER on dailyinfographic, I have something that shows not only a topic that I am interested in, but something I hope you lovely people will be able to recognize shows something about the society in which we live.

Eating disorders. Some might think that the only ones who are affected by these deathly issues are ballerinas. But letâ??s face it folks, in a society that demands perfection, women and men have unrealistic standards that most die trying to live up to, and the correct weight is just one of them. The way womenâ??s bodies are displayed in the media is degrading enough, but the bodies that wear the clothes that end up on our Amazon Wish Lists are different from all of oursâ??if one is not genetically tall and skinny, they are most definitely not images produced from (perhaps multiple) images on Photoshop.

Brené Brown Ph.D. has studied perfectionism through her research on vulnerability and shame and tells those who are willing to listen that, â??Finding the courage, compassion and connection to move from â??What will people think?â?? to â??I am enough,â?? is not easyâ?. But hopefully with this infographic you can keep these words in mind while viewing just one way our society puts unattainable expectations into the minds of young women.

Even if you are not a woman or otherwise feel that this issue does not have an impact on you, I challenge you to allow this information to affect you and reflect on the cultural expectations that are present within the U.S.A. today. Hope you have a great Sunday and remember that it should be a fun day! [via]

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