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Wine, Dine, Burger Me

By | source:Here Oct 15th, 2018

Whether you’re meat-eater, vegan, pescatarian, or vegetarian, most of us can appreciate a good burger.

(Welcome to Good Burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order? I couldn’t resist.) But, who says we have to pair our burgers with the typical shake or soda? That’s right! Folks are loving to pair their gourmet burgers with wine! There are plenty of pairings that just might tickle your fancy (and taste buds!).

The infographic suggests that if you want a bold flavor, perhaps you’d like to pair Barolo with your lamb burger. On the other hand, a chicken burger with some Chenin Blanc can really highlight the herbs. What about a combination of flavors? Maybe you could try your bacon cheeseburger with champagne instead of a lemon lime soda next time. We definitely can’t forget about our veggie lovers. Try a white burgundy with your portobello burger at dinner tonight to combine the creamy, silky flavors. Or, perhaps some tempranillo can bring out the earthy taste in your veggie burger tonight. The possibilities are endless. What pairings would you like to try?

Burgers and wines aren’t your fancy? That’s cool. Maybe some cheese pairings might interest you. But if you are down with the trend, let’s face it. Your burger and wine combination with that Reyes filter is going to look fantastic on your feed this weekend. Just saying.