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Why Coworking Spaces Are The New Norm

By | source:Here Aug 4th, 2019

Where do you do your best work? Do you function most efficiently in a quiet environment like a home office or library?

Perhaps you like a little bit of action going on while you are getting things done and prefer to set up shop in a restaurant or coffee shop.

With so many people choosing to work from home, work remotely, or to work as a freelancer, the landscape of the workplace continues to change. Coworking spaces are ever-increasing in popularity, and various regions are receptive to the concept in different ways. Asia Pacific donned the highest number of coworking spaces in 2019, while EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) followed in second place. The United States came in third, while the United Kingdom finished fourth. China is projected to be one of the regions with the highest amount of coworking spaces by 2022.

89% of people polled report that they feel happier since choosing to work in a coworking space, while 83% of respondents say they feel less lonely since becoming a part of the coworking space. But it’s not just a desk and WiFi that some of these coworkers are paying good money for. Some spaces offer fitness amenities, healthy snacks, meditation areas, and standing desks.

If the four walls of your home office are looking a little bleak, a coworking space just may be for you.