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Who Uses Airbnb and Why? Airbnb’s 2015 Reservation Data

By | source:JumpShot Sep 9th, 2015

Airbnb has been a life saver for many budget travelers and high-rollers alike. During college we’d rent out a beach house that would sleep 20. It was just a few bucks a night and we’re right on the ocean. As I’ve gotten older, I still have an attachment to Airbnb in order to find the unique, quirky living spaces in the cities I visit. I’m not alone with my interest in individual lodging. Airbnb has been going mainstream with over 500,000 unique listings across the world.

Most Airbnb rentals include the entire home or apartment, at 60%, but that still leaves a good chunk of landlords who rent a spare bedroom or event room share. One of my close friends has taken advantage of this idea and rents his spare room on 6th street in Austin. He covers his entire months rent and gets to live just seconds from downtown.

The rental industry is evolving, and Airbnb is here to spearhead that change.