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Who Rules the Internet? Largest Digital Media Properties in the World

By | source:Here Jan 20th, 2022

The pace of innovation on the internet seems to be increasing with each passing day. The fact that over the past 20 years the top digital media companies has changed so much is no surprise. What might be surprising is the few companies that have maintained their dominance over the past two decades…

What is a Digital Media Multi-Platform Company?

It’s a company that operates multiple entities across a number of different platforms. This data visualization is showing the largest audience in aggregate. So for example, Google combines it’s websites, along with YouTube, and many smaller properties owned and operated by google to compute it’s score.

What is the Most Popular Site on the Internet?

Without questions it is Google has been the #1 website for a number of years now, and in combination with the growing Popularity of YouTube it is tough to beat the number of eyes that are on Google products on a daily basis.

Yahoo! surprisingly clocks in at #3. is a surprisingly popular source of news, with many people still using it as their primary news feed. Yahoo! also owns a number of other popular web properties.

Interestingly has continued to climb over the past few decades. A growing number of people use as a search engine for products they would like to buy as opposed to google. Amazon has also branched out into other areas, offering Prime Video, and Audible which each have millions of users.

Some lesser known companies have also made the list. Mediavine and Cafe Media are ad providers that serve ads to a huge number of independently run websites. Their reach is staggering when all of the pageviews their sites generate are agregated.