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Who is the Fairest of them All?

By | source: Jun 22nd, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman just hit theaters this week and Iâ??ve got to say, Iâ??m pretty excited about it. The fairy tale has always been a personal favorite of mine while growing up. So you could imagine my excitement when Snow White and the Huntsman came out.

In the fairy tale, both Snow White and The Evil Queen are known for their beauty, so I canâ??t imagine better women to cast then Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Charlize Theron as The Evil Queen. Kristenâ??s porcelain complexion and dark hair are a mirror image of Snow White, and Charlizeâ??s breathtaking beauty give the audience an understanding of just how beautiful The Evil Queen is.

Both characters are stunning, but who truly is the fairest of the all? Todayâ??s infographic lists the characteristics that both Snow White and The Evil Queen have to offer. The list provides insight to help solve the century old question looming over fairy tale land. The Evil Queenâ??s mirror always sides with Snow White, but who would you say is the fairest of them all? [HalloweenExpress]