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When Bosses Wake Up

By | source: Nov 24th, 2013

Waking up is hard. Nothing is nicer than sleeping in. Getting that extra hour of sleep can make all the difference. But there are other things, possibly important things that could be accomplished while you are getting a little more sleep. The benefits of waking up earlier are great. You can get that work out in. You can get to the bagel shop before breakfast rush comes in. You would have more time to prepare yourself for the day to come.

Taking time to be more proactive in the morning is what everyone should do at least once or twice a week. Getting up before most people are awake would give you a quiet time to get all your ducks in a row and a time to plan things out thoroughly. If you get to the gym early, you’ll practically have the whole place to yourself. Exercise and going to sleep early will grant you more motivation and energy throughout your day.

This infographic displays a few high profile business leaders that get their day started early. Chances are the majority of us may not ever become the CEO of a company. One thing for sure is that many of us can definitely utilize time more wisely in order to be better and more successful. Success comes to those who have the will to seek it. Take charge of the morning and get your worms, Early Bird! [via]