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What Your State Absolutely Hates

By | source:Here Nov 17th, 2017

The honeymoon period of dating: your date is gorgeous, makes you feel warm and cuddly, and even laughs at your lame jokes too! It seems as if this guy might be the perfect prospect to take you home next Thanksgiving and surprise everyone.  All of his texts make him seem like a winner, and he’s saying all the right things.

Over a casual conversation your date suddenly announces that he absolutely *LOVES* the beach and everything coast-related: the breeze, the sun, the ice cream, the partial nudity…and his life goal is to move to the coast and become a surfer. All of which you, on the other hand, absolutely loathe. If you could be a vampire and hide your pale skin from the sun all day you would.  Is this a dealbreaker?

Dramatic much? To avoid this kind of pitfall, the Hater app was born. This is like Tinder for the haters of the world. The mechanics are: you fill up a lengthy survey filled with apparently mundane questions, and after you’re done, the app pairs you up with nearby people that hate the same things you do. Everything from selfie sticks, Casey Affleck to The New York Times. The idea is that those who hate together, remain together.

By compiling hundreds of responses, the Hater team made this sweet infographic showing exactly what every state despises. Who knew so many people disliked sand, and had such strong feelings about tuna salad? Do you hate the same things your state hates?