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What Your Poop and Pee are Telling You about Your Body

By | source:Here Apr 1st, 2012

Far from crude, this infographic has a lot of information that could let you get a picture of your health.

This is no April fools joke. Sh** just got serious.

Too refined to talk about poop? Well, you might not want to let the subject be completely ignored… Your poop can tell you if there is something seriously wrong with you.

The author asserts the three S’s that could save your life : size, shape, smell and shade. If you ever turn around after relieving yourself too see any of these 4 S’s strikingly unusual, you might want to see a doctor.

No, I’m not advocating that you carefully inspect your excrement every time you go. Just that you keep an eye out for oddities.  If you have trouble even getting to the inspection stage, or it takes a really long time, you might need something like the squatty potty stool to increase efficiency!

Potty problems can be indicators of serious problems. Don’t let them go unnoticed.

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