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What Your Motorcycle Says About You

By | source:Here Oct 6th, 2017

When it comes to your choice of motorcycle, the ride you choose says a lot about you. More, in fact, than you may care to realize. I can only laugh at the sight of a big burley biker-man straddling a pink scooter. So, what is your ride going to say about the type of person that you are? Or have you already made a fateful error in judgment?

It is not strange to see the fit between a bike and its owner. It’s kind of like a dog and their owner. They seem to share certain characteristics in wither the way they look, walk or just behave in general. The same can be said about what you bike says about you.

Harley Davidson for example conjures images in my mind of the big biker-man in his sleeveless leathers tearing down the open road and raising a little hell along the way. Now put Andrew accountant in the same motorcycle, grey suit, glasses and all, and I see something that does not quite look right.

Perhaps Andrew would be better suited on the scooter I mentioned earlier. Either which way, be aware of what your ride is saying about you without you having to. Speaking of the legendary Harley Davidson why not check out The History of Harley here.