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What Would Gandalf Do?

By | source: Sep 7th, 2013

I think what I enjoy most about Tolkien’s Middle-Earth is the lovability of Gandalf. For one, he’s a freaking wizard. He can make some badass fireworks and at the same time he can go toe to toe with a Balrog. That’s called skill. Two, the dude knows how to chill with Hobbits in a major way. I mean, who wouldn’t love to party with THIS GUY? And Three, Gandalf has some awesome animal friends – Shadowfax and the Eagles. Geez man, stop winning at life bro. Nah, actually keep it up Gandalf. You’re awesome. Now, with these simple infographical steps, you can win like Gandalf wins. Wizard style.

I really enjoy this infographic because it’s just silly. But when you get down to it, these really are life skills ya’ll. I don’t know about you, but procuring tenacious Hobbits tends to help solve most of the problems in my life. Hobbits and eagles. Hobbits for moral support and Eagles for most everything else. These are simple facts of life in Middle-Earth. Also Ian McKellen is amazing. If you need any proof of that fact, please watch THIS and you will not be disappointed.

May Gandalf grow forever old in the Grey Havens.