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What to Look for on Pet Food Labels

By | source: Oct 20th, 2012

I have always had a canine that is addicted to food. They will stand next to their food bowl all day begging for more. No matter how many table scraps or meals my pups have consumed that day, they want more. I’m now living with one mouthy, anxious, but extremely lovable four legged k9. Her name is Kona, and she has never been interested in eating her dog food. We’ve changed dog food types constantly to finally find one that she will gladly eat – it is one difficult task. We did make some massive leeway this week with the purchase of Purina One and she will devour that stuff. A little too much if you ask me, she had four meals yesterday compared to her normal one. I guess its time to start watching her weight!

Dog food is very broad with their ingredient descriptions. I’m sure your remember the massive lead-poisoning caused by some chinese manufactured dog food, well there is still a ton of mystery meat in your pooches meals. After reading today’s infographic, research some more and find exactly what your dog eats – it could save you from expensive vet bills in the future. [VetDepot]