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What Reading Does To Your Brain

By | source:Here Mar 23rd, 2019

It’s no secret that reading books can be very beneficial to your health.  But how exactly do they impact your brain? There are at least nine science-backed ways that reading can provide benefits for your grey matter.

While spending time with your favorite book, the hippocampus is getting a workout.  This part of the brain is directly related to learning and memory.  In addition, your imagination is getting some exercise as well, especially if the words are fewer and with deeper meaning.

Another part of the brain that becomes active while reading is the inferior parietal lobe.  This region is responsible for the comprehension of emotions and sensory data.  Perhaps it could be the reason why readers seem to be more empathetic towards others.

Being able to communicate better with people is one of the main benefits of reading.  Not only do you develop a better vocabulary, but you have a better understanding of your own and others’ emotions.  This is a huge plus when trying to relay this type of complex information to people.

Your mental health and longevity can be boosted in many different ways simply by reading books.  So get familiar with some of the world’s most popular books of all time and get to reading.