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12 Common Things You Should Never Say At Work

By | source:Here Oct 18th, 2019

Have you ever said something to your boss and immediately regretted it? Yeah, we have, too. Avoid awkward encounters (and start getting on your boss and coworkers’ good side) with effective workplace communication. Here are 12 things you should never say at work–and what to say instead!

Workplace communication is the foundation of productivity in any organization. Nevertheless, most employers and managers report not feeling properly understood, and have problems communicating their thoughts and ideas.

In turn, this lack of communication diminishes teamwork, job satisfaction, and effectiveness. Businesses are losing revenue every year just because of lousy communication strategies!

Of course, what needs to be done is a complete organizational overhaul. Nevertheless, you can also improve your own ways of communication to increase productivity and effectiveness, even if it’s just in your own department.

Our handy guide to what not to say at work will help you avoid common pitfalls and in turn, help you achieve a better attitude towards the less-fun aspects of your job. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Plus, if you really think about it, these phrases could be useful in pretty much every aspect of our lives. I mean, screaming “you’re wrong!” is not a great reaction in any conversation.

Let us know if you use any of these in your next team meeting!