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What 1% Will Save You on Your Mortgage

By | source: Apr 18th, 2014

I stopped smoking cigarettes. It’s worth starting to smoke just so one can experience the empowerment of quitting. But don’t start. When I stopped smoking I also stopped buying cigarettes, thus saving approximately $800 a year! I can buy a Nimbus 36 Inch Oracle Unicycle with that!

Now I am experimenting with being a Vegan. Many people believe that this is a more expensive way of living. I have yet to be convinced. As a vegan, I eat out less, and when I do I order a vegetable entree which is cheaper. At the grocery store I buy vegetables, rice, and beans, which is cheaper than meat, cheese and eggs (cheese is pricey!) In the end my saved money will end up going toward toilet paper.

Lastly is God’s gift to the world, beer. I don’t want to stop drinking the glorious drink, but its expensive and it makes you fat. Before I was 21 a friend of mine told me “Being 21 isn’t all that great, you just end up spending more money” This was the most true statement ever said. At least three times a week I am wondering if I’m going to buy beer, this is a new expense I never even thought about at 20! Maybe I’ll just lower my mortgage rate instead.