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20 Weirdest Posts on Craigslist

By | source:Here Jan 2nd, 2019

We’ve talked to y’all before about Craigslist, we just focused more on the company than the users. Now we get to see some of the craziest things people have posted over the years.

If you have never seen the ‘Best of Craigslist‘ page you need to go over there now. This is a constantly updated database of some of the funniest, and weirdest Craigslist ads ever.

For example, here’s a “Best of” that is titled I stomped on your fire, you choked on a biscuit, in the “missed connections” category:

You: passed out on the grass after choking on a biscuit and slamming your car into a guardrail at Franklin and Harding.

Me: driver of silver bug with 2 women in the car who stopped and put your car fire out. It’s been a bad month, so if you would get me a new fire extinguisher, I would appreciate it. Also, don’t eat while driving in the future, it’s dangerous, as you discovered.

They also list the city that these are posted in. I’d love to see what crazy things other Austinites have been doing.