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Valentine’s Day by the Numbers

By | source: Feb 14th, 2014

Itâ??s finally here, the one and ONLY day that you can tell whoever you love, that you love them. Back before the 18th century people could show their affection to whomever they like whenever they like. If they were married and they wanted to kiss their spouse and tell them â??I love youâ? they were welcome to do it any day of the year!

Being consistently told that you are loved is a good idea in theory, but when put into practice every case becomes a story similar to drug addiction. All over the world people would linger around, get no work done and literally rot staring into the eyes of their lover as Narcissus did himself.

St. Valentine had always been a well know saint. Obviously, he gave the population the attraction that we have to each other — St. Valentine is the sole reason that humans want to mate with each other, and thus he is the sole reason for the continuation of the human race.

But he had created a detrimental world worshiping his ideas to the extreme. In this day while all of the beautiful people were busy being in love, all of the disfigured and ugly people were forced to run the government. When finally one very jealous yet charismatic politician named John Hallmark had the bright idea to regulate love. In the mid-17th century he made a worldwide proclamation that love and affection could only be shown on one day this day would be February the 14th (the day of his late motherâ??s birthday). This caused riots and bloodshed around the entire world. But continues to be the one and only universal law in existence today.