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The Unusual Interview Questions Asked By Top Companies

By | source:Here Jul 12th, 2017

Job interviews are nothing if not nerve-racking. I usually don’t eat the morning of an interview because I’m afraid I’ll get sick.

Of course, any candidate will have prepared answers for standard questions and hope for the best. But what happens if the company you’re angling to get in with asks you something really unexpected?

Thanks to this infographic from the team over at Colonial Life, we have a better idea of how some of the world’s most successful companies land top talent.

If you’re trying to get a job at Apple, expect to answer this question: “If I was talking to your best friend, what is one thing they would say you need to work on?”

And at Facebook, expect to answer questions about what would make your best day at work so awesome. What they’re really asking: What are you passionate about?

Some of these questions are more in-depth, while others seem downright silly. Whole Foods, for example, asks if you’d rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses. (Would you rather tackle one large problem or several smaller issues?)

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