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U.S. Oil Consumption

By | source: Oct 20th, 2011

Let the controversy begin. Most people believe we (as a world) have reached ‘peak oil’ and that production will be declining in the near future. Everyone should hopefully agree that fossil fuels are limited and that other transportation energy sources will be required at some point. Hopefully this infographic can help put our oil usage in perspective.

The good news is that some of the material on this infographic will be on my Energy Technology and Policy test tomorrow, so I get to study and blog simultaneously! There is plenty of information available beyond this infographic, and I recommend checking it out, it’s quite an interesting subject. No doubt that there is a large amount of debate over coal, natural gas, and other alternatives to fossil fuels. The End of Oil is a good book to read for lots of cool info.

I’m sure many of you readers have great ideas for solutions to our coming oil shortage, and we’d love to hear them. I’d like to suggest population reduction as a potential solution, but I realize there are not many humane ways to do that…but wouldn’t it be nice if there was only 1 billion people rather than 7? You could use twice as much energy as you do now and we would still be ahead of where we are now. [Via Utah Personal Injury Lawfirm]