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The Top 35 Types of Syrup That Aren’t Maple

By | source:Here Jun 13th, 2022

Ah, syrup. A breakfast staple in many a household, and beloved by pancake lovers everywhere. It’s one of the most delicious ways to transform your morning meal into something luxurious. When we think of syrups, however, we often think of maple syrup first (or perhaps Aunt Jemima, if you’re a pancake purist). Yet there are so many more types of delectable syrups out there—syrups that can change the way we do breakfast forever. In this listicle article, I’ll be taking you on a tour through some of the best ones I’ve discovered so far:

There are so many syrups out there, some of them you’ve never even heard of! The following is a comprehensive list of all the different types of syrup that aren’t maple. Some are more popular than others and some have better health benefits than others, but each one is delicious in its own way. With all these options, you’re sure to find a syrup that fits your taste and needs. Just remember to do your research so you know where the syrup comes from and how it’s made.