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Top 23 Museums in London

By | source:Csaba Gyulai - Behance May 30th, 2016

If you’re a fan of architecture and museums, you need to get your little ol’ self to the capital of the United Kingdom. 

You might be thinking, “23? They couldn’t narrow it down any more than that?” Well, London has a whopping 162 museums (according to CNN), so getting it down to 23 is really pretty good.

I love museums and haven’t been to nearly enough of these, but I can vouch for the Science Museum, The National Portrait Gallery, The Natural History Museum, The British Museum, and my favorite, The Tate Modern. I’m a little smug that the Tate Modern made the cut while The Tate, which is arguably a bigger deal, did not. I guess it’s that old factory exterior that landed it the spot. The Tate Modern sits right on the river and that chimney spire is striking, even among all the other big shot buildings on that stretch of the Thames. The Scoop is just down the street and Tower Bridge is immediately beyond that, so the competition is stiff.

Now, perhaps you’re torn on whether to go to London or Paris on your Eurotrip. Obviously, you should do both but if that’s not an option we’ve got a comparative infographic to help you make the call.