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Top 21 Water-Based Myths Tested On MythBusters

By | source:IMGUR Sep 6th, 2015

The MythBusters have been settling society’s misconceptions for over a decade. Adam and Jamie are household names, and their findings are quoted countless times by internet users. MythBusters was one of the most entertaining and educational shows when I was growing up. I’m saddened that recently the quality and personal care which made the show what it is today ins’t there anymore.

I suppose Discovery was listening because in 2015 they cut back to only 6 episodes, with emphasis on the method of using science and technology to solve a problem. This is a 180 from the older form of their entire team just trying to blow up something bigger every episode.

I’m looking forward to a Mybuster comeback. Check out today’s graphic and it might entice you to watch some old episodes.