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Top 10 Lotto and Bingo Winners

By | source: May 18th, 2012

The lottery has been awarding lucky winners with fat stacks of cash for years. I always wonder what the winners do with all of their money. Do they lose all of their friends to greed, give it to charity or maybe claim the prize anonymously and become a closet millionaire? MegaMillions just had one of their biggest prizes of all time, I know a lot of people who bought a loto ticket for the first time. They all lost…

Like the lottery in the media, Bingo has also had a resurgence. By moving away from the older demographic and having a BYOB friendly atmosphere – my generation is getting interested. The greatest thing is when a normal night out could cost forty or fifty bucks, coming home with a few hundred extra dollars is more than welcomed. [123BingoOnline]

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