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Simple Ways To Stop Porch Pirates

By | source:Here Jan 30th, 2020

Shopping online has been the preferred method for many people in recent years. Studies find that men usually shop for computers and gadgets online while women tend to go for clothes and food. It’s convenient and gives us the ability to shop at any time of the day. It also provides plenty of options, and we can easily compare prices before deciding to buy an item.

With the rise of online shopping, many have turned to a multitude of websites to pick out their purchases. However, as an address must be supplied to the online retailer, the given home address is a susceptible target for package theft.

Package theft involves a trespasser who drops by a residence and snags the parcel from the unsuspecting customer’s doorstep. Commonly, the culprits are known as porch pirates and although many shoppers may not have experienced this, 24% of online consumers have dealt with package theft.

Fortunately, this atrocity can be prevented by simple means, including security measures (most of which are made easily available to us by security technology) either through something like video doorbells or applications that may be installed on one’s mobile devices.

Whether or not you have experienced package theft first hand, it’s always beneficial to stay cautious in order to prevent any future problems.