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The Varieties of Intimate Relationships

By | source: Sep 20th, 2013

According to todayâ??s infographic there are as many different intimate types of relationships as there are species of bats in Texas.

For some people as soon as they turn 16 and start their first intimate relationship it never stops. They have relationship after intimate relationship and being with someone at all times is like breathing. In this situation the people begin to know each other better than they know themselves. They spend every moment of everyday together. If they have nothing important to do, they will with most likely be with each other. For other people, that first relationship doesnâ??t happen until they are much older or have very big spaces between their relationships and therefore spending long periods of time getting to know themselves. Here we have 2 different kinds of people, one who spends ¾ of their time with another personâ??s affection, and one who is mostly alone to themselves.

In their simplest form extroverts are known to enjoy being around people, while introvert need time to themselves every now and then (or more). I am not going to dig deep into the definitions of extroverts and introverts but for now I am simply posing the question: Are you an extrovert because you have always been around people, or are you always around people because you are an extrovert?