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The State of Cloud Computing

By | source: Dec 16th, 2010

Today, everything seems to be moving into the cloud. In 2005, investment in cloud computing was about $26 million. But in 2009, the investment grew to $370 million, more than 10 times of what was invested in 2005. What is most impressive is Gartnerâ??s prediction that investment will soar to a whopping $148 billion by 2013.

Cloud computing, also known as Internet computing, provides us with much convenience. As long as youâ??re connected to the Internet, you can access your data stored in cloud. But the rapid growth of cloud computing gives rise to storage shortage problem. In 2009, 35 percent of digital content created couldnâ??t be stored in the cloud due to storage shortage. IDC estimates that this figure would rise to 60 percent over the next decade. [Via]

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