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The Most Popular Food In Each State, According to Pinterest

By | source:Here Mar 28th, 2017

Pinterest is one of the niftiest social media sites out there. Anytime I’m feeling bored with life, I log on and drool over perfect home decor, nursery ideas and expensive clothing. It’s pretty fun to daydream.

Of course, the site is also a lifesaver when it comes to finding the perfect dinner recipe. Type in what you’re craving and you’ll be greeted with thousands of recipes. But how does your address affect what you search for?

Pinterest has conducted a study on the most popular food ideas in each state of the U.S. These range from the super practical and understandable –– empanadas, pound cake, chicken wings –– to the…slightly confusing. Apparently, Alaskans are fans of survival bread, while Vermonters are searching for beet recipes.

Some states seem to dabble in other cultures. Colorado, for example, has carnitas as a favorite. In Washington, Thai chicken takes the lead. Some other regions have blander taste. (Seriously, Minnesota. What’s broccoli soup?)

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