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The History of the Engagement Ring

By | source:Vashi Mar 6th, 2015

For thousands of year human-beings have been expressing their love through rings and other jewelry. Back in 2800 BC, during the times of the ancient Egyptians, a ring as a symbol of love was thought to be invented. The ring symbolized an endless circle of love for the Egyptians, with the empty center represented a gateway to the afterlife.

Thousands of years later the Romans attached meaning to their lovers rings as well. Each bride was gifted two rings, one gold and one iron. The gold ring was to be worn during the wedding and important public events. The iron was worn during daily work around the house. 100 years later and brides were still receiving rings, but these rings were called puzzle rings. The puzzle ring was interconnected bands that would come apart if the wearer were to slip off the ring. The possibility of the ring falling apart was supposed to encourage fidelity.

Enough of the old times though, modern engagement rings usually feature the star of jewelry: the diamond. In the late 1800s diamonds started to come out of the depths of Africa like never before. This boom of diamond distribution is what spurred the famous Tiffany & Co. to create the ‘tiffany setting’. The Tiffany setting was the first time a diamond rose above the metal band.