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The Gentleman’s Guide to Wearing a Suit

By | source: Feb 20th, 2014

Watch out ladies, men are finally starting to care about what they wear, and just might out dress you on your next big night out. I’ve definitely noticed that men have put a noticable amount of effort in their wardrobe within these past few years, or perhaps maybe I have just become more aware of it. Whatever the case, I’m glad I have seen the light that is a well dressed man; especially a handsome man in a great suit.

I feel like I’ve attended enough events this past year to know that a great fitting suit can totally turn a man’s look around for the better. Today’s infographic, brought to you by Pyche, takes all of the tedious logistics of what is men’s tailoring, and puts it into this handy infographic for quick and easy reading.

If you think today’s infographic is really cool, do yourself a favor and check out Psyche’s website, you’ll be inspired to update your wardrobe and invest in that great fitting suit you’ve been thinking about splurging on. [via]