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The Future of “Meat”

By | Aug 14th, 2016

Vegans rejoice! You may soon get that sweet, crisp bacon flavor without your meal ever having touched a pig.

Meat is delicious, but what the majority of the animals we eat have to go through before they end up food is tragic. Pigs in tiny crates, baby cows in tinier crates, chickens deprived of sunlight and air, the list goes on. On top of that, animal agriculture creates a sizeable chunk of greenhouse emissions (cow burps, anyone?) and takes up a ton of the earth’s usable surface.

Things are bleak, but the potential solutions are darn cool. While I hope my P. Terry’s black bean burgers never go away, it’s awesome that the veggie burgers of the not-so-distant future might be practically indistinguishable from meat.

Lab-grown meat sounds pretty awesome to me too, especially if the process of extracting muscle cells is as painless as this infographic claims.

I’m on board with eating bugs as long as I can’t tell they’re bugs. Grind ’em up!

If you’re still making do with traditional animal meat have a gander at our Grill Master infographic to make sure you’re on your barbecue game this summer.