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The Future of Big Data

By | source: Nov 23rd, 2014

If you’ve never heard of big data before, you might be interested to know you’re a part of it. Big data is a term used to describe the unbelievable growth and accessibility of data and information on the Internet. The amount of information we put online everyday is astonishing. Think about it, there are millions and billions of people using the Internet everyday, and if each one put out just a little bit of information, that number would grow exponentially in no time.

According to the infographic, big data has almost quadrupled in the last three years, with no signs of slowing down. The good news is that hardware costs are lessening as software and services are becoming responsible for big data revenue.

The term ‘big data’ also encompasses all of the complex data sets – whether they’re structured or not – floating around the Internet. Ironically, one of the most popular ways people have been organizing data in the last few years is through infographics. So, just remember the next time you’re browsing DailyInfographic that someone just like you was responsible for gathering and organizing tons of information into a eye-appealing visualization.