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The Five Mother Sauces Every Cook Should Know

By | source:Here Jul 11th, 2023

Cooking is a science and an art. Cooking is also a craft and an obsession. I love cooking, but I’m not great at it compared to many other people. That said, there are certain dishes that every cook should know how to make: the five mother sauces. These recipes will help you learn the basics of cooking while also giving you some very versatile and delicious meals to put on the table for your family (or yourself). So let’s get started!

Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise is a thick, buttery sauce used in many dishes. It’s made from egg yolks and clarified butter. The word “hollandaise” comes from the Dutch word for Holland, which was once famous for its butter production. It’s also used in Eggs Benedict–the classic breakfast dish that consists of poached eggs served on English muffins with hollandaise sauce poured over them (and sometimes ham). Hollandaise can be used as a sauce for vegetables or fish instead of being poured over them like other sauces might be; this makes it easy to use hollandaise as part of your meal prep routine!


Veloute Sauce

Veloute sauce is a basic French sauce that is the base of many other sauces. It’s made with a roux, chicken or veal stock and egg yolks. This sauce can be served with meat or fish and is often used in soups, fish and vegetable dishes.


Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel sauce is a white sauce made from milk, butter, flour and salt. It’s often used to thicken other sauces or as a base for soups and casseroles. Bechamel can also be used in gratins–a dish that consists of layers of cooked food topped with cheese or breadcrumbs and baked until golden brown on top.


Espagnole Sauce

Espagnole sauce is a brown sauce made with beef stock, vegetables and herbs. It originated in France and is used in French cuisine to make dishes like Beef Bourguignon and Beef Wellington.


Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is a simple sauce that can be used for many dishes. Tomato sauce is made from tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs. It’s used in Italian dishes like pasta and pizza as well as Mexican dishes like tacos or burritos!



The five mother sauces are important to know because they can be used in so many different ways. Understanding how each one is made and knowing which ones go best with certain types of food will help you create delicious meals for your family and friends.