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The Economics of Fantasy Sports

By | source: Oct 18th, 2011

Sports are definitely a major part of our popular culture. Sports references are everywhere from catch phrases to constant sports related tweets. I must admit, I am not the most sports savy, but with a brother who played baseball, a brother who plays football and every other sport under the sun, a boyfriend who played soccer and a football team that is usually entertaining I am definitely no novice. One trend I have been seeing in the recent years that I don’t understand as well is fantasy sports.

Fantasy sports is definitely the rage in the sports world. Every weekend my boyfriend and friends are rushing to secure lineups, push trades and eventually rack up the most points. When a player gets injured they aren’t so much worried about their well being but how it will affect their fantasy score. While watching sunday football we have to flip back and forth to almost every game to see how everyone’s players are doing.

This infographic shows how big the craze has gotten. With a 60% increase since 2007 and $800 million dollar spending each year, there is no denying the popularity of trend. If you are a sports fan and haven’t joined a fantasy league, I suggest going to to Yahoo Sports asap!