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The Best Ways To Increase Home Value With Less Than $5000

By | source: Feb 4th, 2015

I’ve been renting for the past five years. As an uneducated leaser, when a place has a new coat of paint, I go crazy thinking it’s the nicest place I’ve ever seen. It is true though, a new coat of paint indoors and out will make your property seem much more clean and fresh. Another cheap solution to a quick value addition is to replace the flooring. Freshly installed, lightly colored carpet or tile really shows the buyer things are new. New paint and tile were pretty much the deciding factor for why I rented my current house.

Moving on to more pricy solutions, we can start taking a look at improving the bathrooms, kitchens and light fixtures. It seems to be pretty easy to spot a slum-lord when every fixture or sink was the very cheapest one for sale at Lowes. Spending just a few more dollars on those types of housing apparatuses can help increase value.

Finally, with just a few thousand dollars, major additions can really boost your home’s appraisal. Adding an entire new bathroom could increase value by over $10,000. Landscaping or installing gardens can help drastically as well.

When selling or renting houses, cleanliness is key. Having an un-cluttered, clean, attractive space is essential. What have you done to increase home value? [Coastal Real Estate Group]