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The A-Zzz’s Sleep Guide to Wellness

By | source: Jun 22nd, 2014

Unfortunately, I am part of the diverse group of people that has a difficult time sleeping. I usually head to bed around 2 hours earlier than my projected sleep time because it simply takes me approximately 2 hours to successfully fall asleep. It’s always been an issue for me ever since I was a toddler in daycare. I would stare at the ceiling during nap time, unable to fall asleep, while the rest of my peers re-charged their bodies for the second half of the day.

Naturally, the problem has only exemplified during my adult years. Which according to today’s infographic, can be quite the problem. Sleep deprivation can have severe effects on an adults health, which includes: weight fluctuation, memory loss, heart disease, weak immune system, and high blood pressure. In order to avoid any sort of illness provoked by sleep deprivation, adults need approximately 7.5-9 hours of sleep. I know, those are some pretty ambitious sleep hours. I bet not even half of us are able to sleep that much on a weekend. However, do not be discouraged, today’s infographic details some helpful tips for us to be able to successfully fall asleep, and stay asleep for the rest of the night. Read on for a restful slumber! [via]