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The 50 Best Colleges For Women in the United States

By | source:Here Dec 18th, 2016

Picking a college isn’t an easy task. There’s a lot of pressure when you’re trying to find a place to spend the best four years of your life.

If you’re female, picking a school just got a little easier thanks to This list ranks the top schools for women in the U.S. based on a few key factors –– resources for female students, the percentage of women in STEM majors, alumni earning potential and lack of sexual violence.

Surprisingly, the first school on the list isn’t a well-known one. Harvey Mudd College, in Claremont, CA, has only 735 students but does a great job providing a welcoming environment for women.

While the top school isn’t part of the Ivy League, every Ivy League college makes the list. It seems like these prestigious schools definitely live up to the hype, at least when it comes to inclusiveness.

See if your college makes the list! Unfortunately, my alma mater isn’t on here (Go Gators!) but maybe you’ll be luckier.

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